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Robust and performant iOS and Android apps built with React Native by experienced and passionate mobile engineers.

Examples of mobile work done by Formidable team for clients

What We Do

Our goal is to build beautiful, stable, easy-to-use mobile applications that our clients and users love to use. We’ve built new applications for ecommerce, news, and loyalty services. We’ve migrated existing iOS and Android apps to React Native and built applications with complex integrations with native SDKs. Whether it’s a greenfield project, an enhancement to an existing project, or a complete rewrite, we’ll set you up for success on the app stores. Every project is unique and had a special set of features and goals, but whether it’s complex auth flows, migrations from existing apps, or integrations with native SDKs — we’re always up for the challenge.

How We Do It

Our clients benefit from our past experience so we can help you avoid the common pitfalls of releasing an app for the first time. We’ll advise you on platform-specific UX flows and help you provide your users with the best experience. We’ll also work with your engineers and bring them along to ensure that your team will have the skills and knowledge to maintain your app for years to come.

What We Use

We usually use React Native as a basis for building mobile applications. It provides a native experience with a single codebase, which allows us to build both the iOS and Android apps simultaneously and helps guarantee feature parity. It also leaves us open to extending the app with native code and SDKs if needed.

From Our Clients
“Formidable has been a trusted ally, becoming an integral part of our team while we developed and launched the Savage X Fenty brand. They have been knowledgeable, agile, and ferocious in their work with us and we are better off for it.”
Brent Jones, Sr. Director of ArchitectureTechStyle

Case Studies

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We won’t just be an extra set of hands—we’ll help guide your strategy, enact best practices to ensure sustainability, and help your team level up along the way. Not sure where to start or have a few questions you need answered? Contact us to book a free discovery session to talk through your idea, project, or goals.

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