Brandon Konkle

Brandon Konkle

Principal Engineer

Brandon comes to Nearform having held a variety of engineering roles elsewhere, including time with a fundraising platform called Community Funded, an online learning site Bluprint that was acquired by NBC, and the Python consultancy Lincoln Loop, working with clients like Evite, National Geographic, and At Nearform, Brandon focuses on leading project teams and facilitating strong relationships with our clients. He supports our Denver team as an Engineering Manager, helping to build a sustainable and inclusive culture. Brandon specializes in type-safe API platform development with tools like TypeScript and GraphQL, with reliable code generation to cut down on common boilerplate. He created his first website as a teenager in the early '90s — a guitar tab site for his favorite acoustic rock band, who then visited the site and signed the guestbook. This inspired his lifelong passion for web technology.

Async GraphQL with Rust: AuthN and AuthZ

June 21, 2022
Welcome back to my series covering Async GraphQL in Rust! Today's entry will cover authentication and authorization using the biscuit and Oso libraries.

Async GraphQL with Rust: Data and Graphs

May 12, 2022
An overview of SeaORM and async-graphql including data models and querying, GraphQL schemas and resolvers, and handling HTTP requests with auth context.

Async GraphQL with Rust: Introduction

April 27, 2022
An introduction to the Rust ecosystem and a collection of libraries that empower developers to build production-ready server applications with GraphQL.