Once the creator of maps, now the creator of apps, Emil joined the Nearform team in Denver in 2019, having wrapped up an engineering position at Shutterstock. He specializes in React application engineering with now more than five years of development experience. Emil strives to create reusable and maintainable components and professes to enjoy a thorough, good code review. Emil is also the maintainer of the open-source project, react-swipeable, THE detect swipe React library. Having switched careers, Emil appreciates being part of the active, welcoming React community and credits his learning of web development for giving him an astonishingly diverse and powerful set of cognitive tools.

Conversion to TypeScript: Lessons Learned from an OSS Maintainer

December 8, 2020
Formidable's Emil Hartz recently undertook the conversion of his long-maintained OSS package to TypeScript. We asked a few questions related to the conversion to shine light on any learnings for others considering the same undertaking.