TypeScript and the Second Coming of Node

September 25, 2018
Long before Node.js famously entered the backend development scene, the tech industry had experienced several evolutions of the "Next Big Thing" with both successful and failed patterns and techniques. In this article, we look at some of the shortcomings of Node.js programming models and how TypeScript offers the hope of increasing the legitimacy of Node.js ecosystem in the enterprise by bringing back some storied and successful programming paradigms from the past.

On releasing my first OSS project at thirty-five

October 25, 2016
A couple weeks ago I released my first open source project at the ripe old age of thirty-five. A dinosaur by tech industry standards or whatever. Computers and programming were something that always came naturally to me in my youth— my first languages were C and x86 assembly. Growing up I...

Introducing NodeJS-Dashboard

October 12, 2016
Node.js engineers spend significant amounts of time developing from the console. The usual workflow I've encountered goes something like: npm run test && node index.js which then dumps pages of text to stdout. Errors can easily go unnoticed when large volumes of output are...