Joe Alterio

Joe Alterio

VP, Product & Design

Joe is a Head of Product and Design with more than 15 years of experience in the digital experience space. Before joining Nearform in 2018, Joe was a freelance creative lead, working for such organizations as Microsoft, Adobe, Dell, and the Red Cross, which earned him four Webby nominations and a win in 2018. Joe’s work in the digital creative space is focused on bringing customer experience to the highest levels, resulting in user loyalty and higher revenues. During his time at Nearform, he has helped Starbucks, Nintendo, T-Mobile, and Puma.

Introducing the New Formidable Brand

April 29, 2020
Formidable has experienced extraordinary growth in the past few years. Yet, our overall brand was not able to keep up with the increasing burden of our growing footprint. So we set out to fix it.

How To Create an Ideal Design to Dev Workflow

June 13, 2019
Products that require both design and engineering find an inflection point in their lifecycle that can cause confusion, delay production, and add multiple headaches further down the road. Specifically stated, that point is when the thing that is designed must now be made. How can we, as both designers and developers, mitigate these risks and foster a more inclusive workflow that ensures the final designs are not only beautiful, but functional and developmentally sound?

Observation as a prerequisite for design

January 30, 2019
Observation as a discipline is difficult to summarize, and sometimes even harder to express— it is a talent that takes practice. When performed well, design seems to be obvious, to be the natural state of things.