Kevin Paxton joins the Nearform UK team with a long list of notable achievements in tow. His 15+ year career spans time spent with Capital One UK, CommonTime, EIBS, Ideagen, and BYG Systems. Here at Nearform, Kevin is a front-end development and integrations pro, delighting in bringing applications to life while shaping online user experiences. Among his experience, he successfully led the build and delivery of several greenfield applications for content management, project management, and healthcare portals. Kevin is married with two young children, spends time drawing, and taught himself to play the guitar and keyboard. Even outside of work, Kevin loves coding, but also gaming and football. ⚽️

Mastering UI Testing: Crushing False Failures with GraphQL Mocking

September 20, 2023
what happens when you have UI tests running which hit your GraphQL server and subsequently fail because of issues in upstream systems?