Kylie joined Nearform in early 2018 to deliver high-quality software to our clients. She specializes in back-end development with an emphasis on Node.js, but is also highly proficient in TypeScript. Kylie is an accomplished speaker and instructor, with appearances at both conferences and meetups, and she has also assisted in running Nearform workshops on GraphQL and React. She is also a maintainer of the Spectacle OSS library. Before entering the engineering field, Kylie studied forensic chemistry. She toys with Gatsby on the side, and when not immersed in code, Kylie pursues her passion for climbing.

A New Generation For Spectacle

March 10, 2020
At Formidable we spent the last five months working on a rewrite of Spectacle. We started with some clear goals to set Spectacle up well for the future: a modern internal architecture that’s easier to contribute to, faster authoring experience, consistent theming system, and the elimination of external boilerplates and scripts. Welcome to Spectacle 6!