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What We Do

Struggling with how to position yourself in the market? An early evaluation phase is essential to the creation and success of new digital products. Product discoveries gather evidence that will be used to reduce uncertainty around your problem space or idea. We will ensure the correct product is built for your intended audience, that it’s designed with the latest technology, and that meets and exceeds business requirements.

How We Do It

We’ll facilitate a clear vision for your product or revamp an existing product strategy using established methodologies learned from over a decade in the product definition space. Our product team will — over a sprint or two — recognize, understand, and solve problems within the space and identify opportunities for growth and audience acquisition + retention, all while ensuring revenue success. We’ll also:

  • Create a shared understanding of your vision 
  • Create a plan to bring your product to market 
  • Suggest next steps for a stalled product
  • Identify and clarify project goals
  • Generate synthesis decks that can be shared with boards, investors, internal stakeholders, and the public.
From our clients
"Over the last two years, I was able to form an incredible partnership with NF's Design Team. The designers challenged our assumptions through exceptional design thinking processes that centered around our customers. They helped level up our existing design team through constructive feedback loops and collaborative design sessions. They pushed us in new directions that raised the bar for our experiences."
Walter Colindres, Head of Product

Work with Us

We won’t just be an extra set of hands—we’ll help guide your strategy, enact best practices to ensure sustainability, and help your team level up along the way. Not sure where to start or have a few questions you need answered? Contact us to book a free discovery session to talk through your idea, project, or goals.

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