Usability Testing

Building human-centered, data-driven experiences

UIs that were the result of usability testing done by Formidable

What We Do

We prioritize Usability and Usability Testing to gather valuable data and insights that drives our product and feature decision-making process, ultimately leading to significant improvements in your end-product, and increasing customer loyalty. By conducting rigorous testing and analysis, we ensure that our decisions are informed by real user experiences and feedback, enabling us to make informed design choices, optimize the overall user experience, and build customer-centric solutions.

How We Do It

Confidently delivering a product that not only meets your requirements but also exceeds user expectations is our goal. We achieve this through a comprehensive approach that involves quantitative and qualitative testing methods, data analyses, and continuous refinement based on user feedback throughout the entire product development lifecycle. Our strategic approach to the process entails:

  • identifying pain points, areas of confusion, and potential bottlenecks
  • gathering quantitative and qualitative data from representative users
  • analyzing the collected data and extracting actionable insights
  • continuous innovation and iteration, throughout the entire design and development process


We use customized methodologies based on project objectives, addressing all phases from experience to usability to site architecture to visual design. Depending on the objectives and priority focus our recommendations for the approach cover a wide range of methods: user interviews, surveys/questionnaires, card sorting, A/B testing, functional usability tests, Heuristic Evaluation, Clickstream Analysis, and to Comparative Analyses, to name a few.

From our clients
"Over the last two years, I was able to form an incredible partnership with NF's Design Team. The designers challenged our assumptions through exceptional design thinking processes that centered around our customers. They helped level up our existing design team through constructive feedback loops and collaborative design sessions. They pushed us in new directions that raised the bar for our experiences."
Walter Colindres, Head of Product

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We won’t just be an extra set of hands—we’ll help guide your strategy, enact best practices to ensure sustainability, and help your team level up along the way. Not sure where to start or have a few questions you need answered? Contact us to book a free discovery session to talk through your idea, project, or goals.

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